Monday, May 23, 2005

Kos and the DLC: Anti-Single Issue Groups

Kos has a post today on "the curse of the single issue groups." In it, he makes the following point:

One of the key problems with the Democratic Party is that single issue groups have hijacked it for their pet causes. So suddenly, Democrats are the party of abortion, of gun control, of spottend [sic] owls, of labor, of trial lawyers, etc, etc., et-frickin'-cetera. We don't stand for any ideals, we stand for specific causes. We don't have a core philosophy, we have a list with boxes to check off.
It's an interesting argument, but I think I've heard it before. Oh, yes, over at the Democratic Leadership Council (see here and, especially, here, one of the earliest expressions of this critique). Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying I disagree. It's just interesting to hear someone who has said that the DLC is a "tool of the GOP" make one of their most fundamental arguments.


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