Friday, March 25, 2005

New Election Commission Formed

American University's Center for Democracy and Election Management has announced the creation of a bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform to, in the words of commission co-chair Jimmy Carter, "define an electoral system for the 21st century that will make Americans proud again."

During hearings of the National Commission on Federal Election Reform (chaired by Carter and Gerald Ford) after the 2000 election, Carter maintained, "I think it is a waste of time to talk about changing the Electoral College. I would predict that 200 years from now, we will still have the Electoral College." It certainly will be around in 200 years if high-profile commissions headed by former presidents don't address the grossly undemocratic nature of that institution. Let's hope they address it this time.

Public hearings are set for April 18 at American University in Washington and one in June at Houston's Rice University. A final report will be delivered to Congress in September.


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