Monday, April 18, 2005

Dems Looking West

Interesting piece in the LA Times today on the view of some within the Democratic Party that the path to electoral fortune lies in the West. I continue to believe that the Chicken Little Democrats are wrong - the sky isn't falling and the party doesn't need a major overhaul to be competitive. (Thus, the obsessive focus on values is overwrought. Today's Roll Call reports {subscription only} that the Senate Democrats are developing a media strategy that focuses on Christian broadcasting. That is a serious waste of time and money.) Nevertheless, as the LA Times piece notes, Democrats made some inroads in the West in 2004 and so a bit more effort there couldn't hurt.

One footnote to this is that as Democrats place more emphasis on the West, the stock of politicans from that region will rise. When coupled with what is likely to be a desire to give the 2008 presidential nomination to a governor, I'd say keep an eye on Gov. Bill Richardson (NM).


At 3:12 AM, Blogger JLB said...

I concur with your assessment that the “Chicken Little Democrats” are wrong. I’m no expert but it appears to me that, with limited resources, if the Democrats spend time / money on Christian broadcasting and cultivating their Western inroads they will in turn be giving up on a portion of their base in the Midwest and Florida. They already have a sold hold on California so I am assuming they would be focusing more on the NW (Oregon & Washington) and SW (Arizona & New Mexico). A quick look at the electoral distibution shows Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan are more heavily weighted than the aforementioned NW & SW states. So, the begging question is where are they going with this plan - besides deeper into obscurity?

The 2008 presidential campaign would be quite interesting to see Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) against Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA). However, Gov. Richardson has a huge skeleton to overcome before he gets past the primaries. Remember when he was the Secretary of Energy a lab in New Mexico somehow misplaced nuclear secrets, which were later found in the possession of a Chinese national. Not sure who else the Dems have as a possibility considering any Democrat from north of the Mason-Dixon line is a waste of time (Hillary included). Americans have not elected a northern Dem (or any Yankee for that matter) since 1960 (Ford wasn’t elected).

Gov. Romney, on the other hand, has a lot of potential: Chief Executive of a blue state, family ties to the quadrennial battleground state of Michigan, former CEO of the Salt Lake Olympics and more charisma than the previous 2 Democratic presidential nominees combined. The last elected president who hailed from a nothern state was from Massachusetts - Romney could be the second. Other probable GOP candidates include Gulliani and McCain but Rudy’s pro-choice platform should derail in the SC primary and McCain has made too many enemies within the party.

Like I stated previously, I’m no expert. But I do like to pontificate now and again on the political possibilities. I welcome your educated response to my ramblings.


At 5:30 AM, Anonymous JLB said...

Actually, Gov. Mark Warner (D-VA) has a good chance of getting his party's nod. He may provide the Dem's best chance at defeating Romney.


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